What is OpSEM?

OpSEM monitors and improves the efficiency of screeners at security checkpoints. It integrates into all X-Ray Machines and automatically feeds data about the performance of the security checkpoint to a management console that is accessible from anywhere within you organisation.

Improved Checkpoint Communication

Screeners and searchers are able to communicate via touch screens ensuring a more streamlined and faster screening process.

Monitor Checkpoint Performance

OpSEM will send team leaders an email and/or text message to inform them when checkpoint performance falls below expected levels.

Flexible Implementation

OpSEM works with all types of x-ray machines as it does not depend on a direct connection to the screening machine and the conveyor system.

Settle Airline Disputes

Prove that passengers from certain airlines are being searched regularly because they are not well informed about the type of items they are allowed to take within their hand luggage.


How does OpSEM work?

OpSEM is an Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System that integrates seamlessly with all types of X-Ray Machines to create a more efficient screening process.


How does OpSEM Improve Efficiency?

OpSEM provides solutions to a number of issues that regularly affect the speed and efficiency of the security checkpoint.


In many security applications, liquids, large electronic items, belts and shoes must be screened separately.

Once screening has taken place, passengers must re-pack these items within their bags or, in the case of shoes and belts, put them back on.

This causes delays as the screener must stop screening while these items are removed and space is freed up on the conveyor belt.

OpSEM's Solution

With OpSEM added to the x-ray machine, the searcher is able to view on their screen the reason why the screener has stopped a bag for search.

This means that the screener and searcher can be placed further away from each other as they do not need to communicate.

This enables you to leave more space within the checkpoint for passengers to collect their items and re-pack.


Want to find out more? One of our product experts will be more than happy to give you a run-through of OpSEM.