OpSEM – Operational Security Efficiency Monitoring – is a system designed to monitor and improve the efficiency of screeners.

It integrates into all X-Ray Machines and automatically feeds data about the performance of the security checkpoint to OpeReady.

Improved Checkpoint Communication

Screeners and searchers are able to communicate via touch screens ensuring a more streamlined and faster screening process.

Screeners and searchers can be placed further apart along the conveyor belt as the searcher can see on their screen exactly what the screener has marked for search.

This in turn provides more space for passengers to collect their bags and re-pack their possessions thus ensuring the screening process is not slowed down.

Monitor Checkpoint Performance

TIP, false alarm rate and throughput is continuously monitored by OpSEM. If at any point during operation a screener falls below the required performance levels, OpSEM will send their team leader an email and/or text message to inform them.

Flexible Implementation

OpSEM is an extremely flexible system that can work with all types of x-ray machines as it does not depend on a direct connection to the screening machine and the conveyor system.

In fact, OpSEM can be moved to other checkpoints via a relatively simple process.As the system does not control the screening machine or the conveyor belt, we can, in rush hour /high operation pressure, use only the touch screen as a communication aid or even stop using the system completely (and continue to screen) until the workload reduces.

Review Screener Performance

OpSEM also comprises an operational screening proficiency system for the qualified screener. The screener is able to continuously improve their screening skills from the feedback that he gets about his decision.

This integration with OpeReady removes the tedious task of manual analysis and data input and reduces the possibility of human error.

Settle Airline Disputes

OpSEM records which airline the passenger whose bag is searched is travelling with. This information is extremely valuable when settling disputes with Airlines over delays. It makes it possible to prove that passengers from certain airlines are being searched regularly because they are not well informed about the type of items they are allowed to take within their hand luggage.


How does OpSEM Work?


OpSEM is an Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System that integrates seamlessly with all types of X-Ray Machines to create a more efficient screening process.

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