What is OpeReady?

OpeReady is an Operational Compliance System that is used to monitor and control the operational compliance of employees and equipment within security organisations.

Simple, Efficient Compliance

Say goodbye to complicated Excel spreadsheets. OpeReady stores all your employee data and files in one easy to access central storage.

Powerful Reporting Tools

OpeReady’s reporting tools will help you turn large quantities of data into easily understandable charts, dashboards and tailored reports, all ready to be exported and shared.

Prioritise & Schedule Compliance Tasks

Reports, email alerts and simple search queries ensure you can prioritise and schedule your employees’ training and certifications tasks before they lose compliance.

Software Focused on the Security Industry

OpeReady includes unique features that aim to ease the workload of security compliance managers and their staff.

OpeReady is used by Airports, CAA, Customs, Cargo/Mail, Ground Handling Services & more.


How does OpeReady work?

OpeReady stores, analyses and displays all information relating to an employee’s compliance in one centralised place. Managers are able to quickly identify when any member of their workforce is, or is about to become, non-compliant and rectify it.


Define your Company’s Structure

Map your organisation’s structure, define jobs and assign to your employees.


Define Compliance Tasks

Create tasks for staff that are aligned with your company and regulatory body’s compliance objectives.

Tasks can be one off or recurrent and can be assessed according to performance and/or quantity.



Each time an employee completes a task, this information is entered into OpeReady either by an administrator or automatically in the case of T.I.P., Simfox and OpSEM.


Compliance Calculations

Managers and supervisors are automatically alerted when their staff have overdue tasks.

OpeReady requests progress updates against staff compliance at intervals you set. This means that you receive updates on your staff’s compliance status at the click of a button.


Manage T.I.P., S.E.M.S. & X-Ray CBT Results

In order to automate the job of monitoring employee compliance as much as possible, OpeReady has been developed to work alongside T.I.P., S.E.M.S. & X-Ray CBT.

Monitor T.I.P.

OpeReady alerts supervisors by email or SMS when T.I.P. performance drops below the expected levels.


Monitor X-Ray CBT

X-Ray CBT data is fed into OpeReady providing you with real time updates on screener compliance and performance levels.


Monitor S.E.M.S.

OpeReady gathers all data from the operation and helps you identify patterns in the performance of the checkpoint.


Monitor Equipment Maintenance

OpeReady delivers a simple and effective framework for managing key equipment within your organisation.

  • Schedule and prioritise security equipment maintenance
  • Identify continually faulty equipment that needs replacement
  • Get automatic alerts when equipment has not been maintained
  • Keep all key equipment details in one centralised place


Why OpeReady?

OpeReady has been developed specifically for the security industry. This is why you'll find lots of features inside OpeReady that are not available in Excel or HR Systems.

FEATURE OpeReady Excel HR System
Maintains all employee files and compliance data in one central place
Automatically displays T.I.P., S.E.M.S. and X-Ray CBT data within clear and actionable reports and graphs.
Sends alerts when an employee is, or is about to become, non-compliant.
Stores automatic backups of all your compliance data.
Has been developed specifically for security.
Multiple users are able to update compliance data at the same time.


Want to find out more? One of our product experts will be more than happy to give you a run-through of OpeReady.