EC 185 / 2010 regulations mean all Airports and Cargo/Mail companies must ensure staff operating x-ray machines
are trained on an x-ray simulator for a minimum of 6 hours every six months.

Security personnel that do not comply with these regulations are not allowed to perform any x-ray screening duties.
This can lead to sudden shortages in available staff and compromise the efficiency of the security checkpoint.

How does OpeReady monitor X-Ray CBT?

OpeReady provides the easiest way of monitoring and scheduling compliance tasks such as X-Ray CBT for your employees.

It delivers compliance data through clear, customisable reports and alerts you whenever an employee is, or is about, to become non-compliant.

Quick Import

X-Ray CBT results are imported into OpeReady in seconds and displayed within graphs and reports.

Get Email Alerts

Through OpeReady’s many reports, you are able to identify the employees that are not compliant with the regulations.
These reports can be sent to the employee’s supervisor who can ensure the appropriate training is is scheduled.

Identify Training Needs

OpeReady identifies specific weaknesses in each staff member’s security x-ray training by providing details of their performance for each type of threat.

For example, a screener may be performing badly on Knives and Liquids. This information can passed onto trainers who are then able to provide customised training to the employee in question.

S.E.M.S. Integration


OpeReady gathers data from the operation and displays it within actionable graphs and reports. This ensures that you are able to identify problematic areas within your operation and fix them.


  • Analyse performance indicators such as false alarms and throughput

  • Identify training and procedures to improve checkpoint efficiency

  • Get automatic alerts when operation falls below expected standards