Airports and Cargo/Mail companies throughout the EU are required to provide records of their screener’s T.I.P. (Threat Image Projection) results to their local governing bodies.

Screeners that have not been tested on a certain amount of T.I.P. images within a set period or have not correctly identified enough virtual images must undergo adaptive training to improve their weaknesses.

How does OpeReady monitor T.I.P?

Raw T.I.P. data is complex and a lot of work is needed to turn it into something useful.

OpeReady saves you time and effort by converting T.I.P. data into clear and simple reports. The information provided by OpeReady can be used to ensure compliance is met and training is effective.

Quick Import

T.I.P. results can be quickly imported into OpeReady where they are analysed and displayed within performance graphs and reports.

Get Email Alerts

OpeReady monitors TIP data and alerts supervisors when they are performing below the acceptable level required for compliance.

Alerts are sent by email and/or SMS and will enable supervisors to schedule more T.I.P. exposure for the affected security personnel.

Identify Detection Weaknesses

OpeReady identifies specific weaknesses in each staff member’s TIP performance by providing detailed graphs and reports concerning
their false alarm rate and hit rate for specific types of threats.

This information can be used by security trainers to develop and assign customised training on security x-ray simulators such as Simfox.

Upload & Monitor X-Ray CBT Data


OpeReady stores and monitors all your employees’ X-Ray CBT data and proviedes insights into their performance and compliance status.

  • Easily import X-Ray CBT data into OpeReady

  • Convert X-Ray CBT data into meaningful graphs and reports

  • Get automatic alerts when staff are not compliant with EC 185 /2010 regulations

  • Send reports to your governing body directly from OpeReady