Security Efficiency Management Systems provide real time access to the performance and passenger throughput data of security checkpoints.

This includes real time visibility of throughputs, status and performance of equipment and staff operations.

How does OpeReady monitor S.E.M.S.?

OpeReady provides a user friendly dashboard that enables managers to identify patterns in the performance of the checkpoint.

It gathers all data from the operation and displays it within actionable graphs and reports.

Monitor Checkpoint Performance

TIP, false alarm rate and throughput data gathered by S.E.M.S. is continuously analysed by OpeReady.

If a screener falls below the required performance levels, OpSEM will send their team leader an email and/or text message to inform them.

Improve Checkpoint Efficiency

Gathering meaningful information about the performance of the operation can help security managers improve its efficiency.

  • Adaptive training on x-ray simulators such as Simfox can be provided to those with too many false alarms.
  • Throughput can be analysed in order to identify bottlenecks in the security checkpoint.

Introducing OpSEM

OpSEM is an Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System developed by OpeReady Systems.

The system is integrated within existing X-ray screening equipment in order to record the operator’s decision for rejecting a bag together with the reason for rejection as well as the actual X-ray image of the bag.

  • Improved Screener / Searcher Communication
  • Monitor Checkpoint Performance
  • Settle Airline Disputes
Operational Security Efficiency Monitoring System for Security


Monitor Equipment Maintenance


OpeReady stores and monitors all your key equipment’s compliance details. This helps ensure equipment is maintained at the correct intervals.

  • Schedule and prioritise security equipment maintenance

  • Identify continually faulty equipment that needs replacement

  • Get automatic alerts when equipment has not been maintained

  • Keep all key equipment details in one centralised place

Monitor equipment maintenance with opeready