Within security applications, maintaining and updating certain key equipment is not just a necessity but also a regulatory requirement.

Monitoring the maintenance of all your equipment is complicated as they all require servicing at different intervals.

How does OpeReady monitor Equipment Maintenance?

Just as it does for employees, OpeReady allows managers and supervisors to input Compliance Tasks for equipment.

These complaince tasks can be configured based on how often the equipment requires updating, maintaining, license renewals, etc…

Prioritise & Schedule Equipment Maintenance

OpeReady’s maintenance module ensures equipment is maintained inline with your organisation’s regulations.

It provides reports for all of your equipment and sends out alerts when maintenance is overdue.

Reports can also be produced to help with the scheduling and prioritisation of equipment maintenance.

Provide access to maintenance team

Provide Access to your maintenance team who will be able to update the records whenever maintenance has been carried out on a equipment.

It is possible to give the maintenance contractor limited access to OpeReady so that they only have access to this module.

Identify Faulty Equipment

All records of equipment faults are recorded within OpeReady.

This enables you to identify equipment that is regularly faulty. This information can then be used to secure newer or more reliable equipment.

Implement OpeReady


OpeReady is a completely customisable system that can be easily implemented into your organisation’s compliance procedures.

  • Available online or through your company WAN

  • All data is encrypted to protect your information

  • Backups are performed every 24 hours

  • Extensive support, training and maintenance