Organisations within the security industry are required by law to provide training, evaluations and checks on their employees.

If an employee does not complete these tasks, they are no longer compliant with regulations and may not be able to perform their job.

How does OpeReady monitor compliance?

OpeReady delivers a framework through which you are able to better monitor and schedule the compliance tasks of your employees.

Add Your Compliance Tasks

All training, certifications and checks needed for compliance are added to OpeReady.

Each task is configured to take into account how often they should be carried out, the minimum performance level, quantity required and more.

They are then assigned to specific employees, job roles, units and locations within the organisational structure.

The elements of security compliance tasks

Monitor Compliance Throughout Employee’s Career

Almost any type of task can be added to OpeReady making it possible to monitor and schedule compliance at all stages of an employee’s career.

Input Compliance Data & Files

Data is inputted into OpeReady each time an employee carries out training, certifications and/or checks.

Additionally, records of training, testing, qualification, CVs and other important information can be attached to employee records.

Quick View Compliance

OpeReady analyses all compliance data and displays it via a quick view traffic light system. This makes it quick and easy for you to identify which employees are non-compliant and rectify it.

Clock Showing High Security Compliance


The employee meets all their pre-determined compliance requirements.

Clock Showing Medium Security Compliance


The employee is nearing the due date of a compliance task and therefore has priority over other employees in
participating in activities that were outlined in their compliance program.

Clock Showing Low Security Compliance


The employee has not completed their required compliance tasks or has not reached the minimum
performance level and must undergo special corrective training activities or professional supervision.

Create, Share, Print Reports

OpeReady enables users to create, export, email and print a huge number of actionable reports and graphs.

Compliance Reports

These reports provide specific statistics on your employees’ compliance status filtered by date, unit, location, compliance and employment status.

For example, it is possible to create a report that shows all overdue compliance tasks for your organisation, a specific department or job role.

Performance Reports

These reports provide detailed statistics about the performance of your employees for each compliance tasks.

For example, you are able to view the overall performance levels of your employees for T.I.P. training as well as their statistics for certain types of threats.

Activity Reports

These reports enable you to schedule your employees’ training more efficiently. They identify the employees that are required to complete a specific task in order to remain compliant in the coming days, weeks or months.

For example, you could create a report that would allow you to identify all employees that need to renew their national x-ray competency tests in the next 30 days.


Get Email & SMS Alerts

Reports are sent via email or SMS to update you on the current status of your employees’ compliance.

You have total control over who recieves the reports, the tasks for which you will receive the alerts and how often the reports are sent.

Upload & Monitor T.I.P. Data


OpeReady provides the perfect solution for organisation’s that are required by the EC 185 /2010 regulations to keep track of their employees’ T.I.P. data.

  • Quickly add your employees’ T.I.P. data to OpeReady

  • Turn T.I.P. data into meaningful graphs and reports

  • Get automatic alerts when staff are not compliant with T.I.P. regulations

  • Send reports to your governing body directly from OpeReady

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