OpeReady delivers a number of unique features that enable you to monitor and schedule compliance tasks faster than with traditional methods such as Excel.


Installation & Accessibility


OpeReady is installed on a cloud server or your organisation’s own server.

It is accessible from any computer or tablet that is connected to the server, either via Internet or your organisation’s wide area network.

Users are provided with a link to the system and their own unique login details.

No installation is required on user workstations as OpeReady is a browser based system that is accessed via Internet Explorer.


Training & Customisation


We provide in depth training and help with the customisation of OpeReady.

Your Organisational Structure is added to OpeReady including the job types and tasks they are required to complete.


Reliability & Security


We know how important your data is, and we do everything we can to ensure that both the OpeReady system and our internal policies and procedures are as watertight as possible.

Encryption and dedicated infrastructure

We use 128-bit SSL encryption to protect information as it travels between your browser and OpeReady.

Real time backups

Backups are performed every 24 hours to local and offsite backup servers. Data can be quickly restored in order to reduce delays.


Support & Maintenance


We have a dedicated team of IT professionals working on the development of new features for OpeReady.

These new features are often requested by our customers and help to ensure that they are getting the most out of OpeReady.




OpeReady is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Spanish

OpeReady can be translated into any language on request.

Why OpeReady?


OpeReady has been developed specifically for the security industry. This is why you’ll find lots of features inside OpeReady that are not available in Excel or HR Systems.

FEATURE OpeReady Excel HR System
Maintains all employee files and compliance data in one central place
Automatically displays T.I.P., S.E.M.S. and X-Ray CBT data within clear and actionable reports and graphs.
Sends alerts when an employee is, or is about to become, non-compliant.
Stores automatic backups of all your compliance data.
Has been developed specifically for security.
Multiple users are able to update compliance data at the same time.