OpSEM is an Operational Screening Efficiency Monitoring System that integrates seamlessly with all types of X-Ray Machines to create a more efficient screening process.

How does OpSEM work?


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displays a graphic showing how opsem works

1. All Trays are fitted with a bar code.

2. A bar code reader is attached to the entrance of the x-ray machine; it scans each tray as they enter the x-ray machine.

3. The x-ray machine’s monitor is replaced by a touch screen monitor connected to the OpSEM server. When required, the screener, via the touch screen, marks the reason and area within the bag for search.

4. The searcher recieves the tray and scans it.

5. The x-ray image of the tray, along with the area marked by the screener for search and reason for search appear on the searcher’s screen.

Once the searcher has finished their search they have the option to:

  • Mark the screener’s decision as correct or incorrect. This provides information that will enable supervisors to identify whether certain screeners are having diffivulties identifying certain threats. This information can be used to create adaptive training to the screener in order to improve their performance.
  • Enter the airline of the passenger. This information can be given to airlines to prove that passengers are being delayed for good reason.

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displays a graphic showing how opsem works

6. This information, along with data on throughput and TIP is transferred to a local OpeReady server where it is analysed.

Security managers can access real time information on screener compliance and performance via reports and graphs.

7. Screenshots of each bag seen by the screener along with their actions taken are also saved enabling them to review mistakes they have made within the operation.

8. If at any point during operation a screener falls below the required performance levels, OpeReady will send their team leader an email and/or text message to inform them.


How does OpSEM Improve Efficiency?


OpSEM provides solutions to a number of issues that regularly affect the speed and efficiency of the security checkpoint.


In many security applications, liquids, large electronic items, belts and shoes must be screened separately.

Once screening has taken place, passengers must re-pack these items within their bags or, in the case of shoes and belts, put them back on.

This causes delays as the screener must stop screening while these items are removed and space is freed up on the conveyor belt.

OpSEM’s Solution

With OpSEM added to the x-ray machine, the searcher is able to view on their screen the reason why the screener has stopped a bag for search.

This means that the screener and searcher can be placed further away from each other as they do not need to communicate.

This enables you to leave more space within the checkpoint for passengers to collect their items and re-pack.

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