Security Management, Made Easier

We create software solutions that make the management of employee compliance, checkpoint efficiency and on the job training simple.


Security Compliance Monitoring Software


OpeReady is used to monitor and control the operational compliance of employees and equipment within security organisations.

  • Prioritise & Schedule Employee Compliance Tasks
  • Get Email & Text Alerts When Compliance Levels Fall
  • Monitor T.I.P., S.E.M.S. & X-Ray CBT Data
  • Stores all your employee data and files in one easy to access central storage
  • Powerful reporting tools turn complicated data into clear, actionable reports


Security Checkpoint Efficiency Monitoring System


OpSEM monitors and improves the efficiency of screeners. It integrates into all X-Ray Machines and automatically feeds data about the performance of the security checkpoint to OpeReady.

  • Improve communication between screener and search at the security checkpoint
  • Monitor checkpoint efficiency data including T.I.P. & False alarms
  • Review screener performance and develop adaptive training
  • Settle disputes with airlines over screening delays
  • Flexible system that can work with all types of x-ray machines